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5 Zine Bundle

  • 5 Zine Bundle
  • 5 Zine Bundle
  • 5 Zine Bundle

To celebrate the printing of my recent Zine (Imaginary Furniture) I decided to make this bundle available at discount since shipping them all at once saves me some time, so it saves you some money :)

There are only a few bundles available.

Included here are:

We are ready to accept that life is weird(2018)
Collection of drawings, color cover, black and white inside, 40 pages

Overgrown Legend (2019)
Collection of drawings, black and white, 28 pages

The Portal (2019)
Mini comic, color, 10 pages

Like The River (2020)
Mini comic, black and white, 10 pages

Imaginary Furniture (2021)
Collection of drawings, color, 12 pages.